Pre-natal Chiropractic & Webster-Breech Technique

This safe and effective technique is used on pregnant women whose baby is in the breech position. The technique involves a chiropractic treatment of mom to make sure the pelvis and the ligaments involved with allowing the baby to be in an optimal position for birth are free from tension. When the tension is relieved, the uterus is able to be relaxed therefore the baby will turn out of the breech position on its own. It usually only takes a few visits to know if this technique will help. The technique is best when performed throughout the pregnancy although can be performed all the way up until 40 weeks. Patients who have been under care throughout their pregnancy report shorter, easier labors as well as less back pain during pregnancy.

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Flexion & Distraction

The Cox Flexion & Distraction technique is specific for herniated or bulging discs in the lumbar spine. A herniated disc is a common injury of improper stresses being placed on the spine. Symptoms can include radiating pain, numbness, weakness or paresthesias into one or both of your legs, stiffness in the lumbar spine, muscle spasms in the lumbar spine and extremities, and/or general lower back pain. The technique is coupled with a full chiropractic treatment and specific exercises to help alleviate your pain and fully rehabilitate your back.

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Functional Movement Therapy

Treating a patient by only looking at their complaint is doing a disservice to them. An example of this is to only look at the lumbar spine as the source of the patient’s lower back pain instead of evaluating his gait to examine the possibility of an old knee injury or seeing if a fallen arch in his foot is the true source of his lower back pain. Treatment should entail looking at the whole individual not just the part that hurts. This is why Dr. Clauss has done extensive continuing education in Selective Functional Movement Assessments (SFMA) to treat a patient fully. Quality of care is a primary goal of Dr. Briana’s.

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Nutritional Advice

Dr. Briana has partnered with Metagenics, a very high quality nutraceutical brand of supplements. Sometimes your general muscle aches could be a deficiency of Magnesium. Dr. Briana will help you evaluate the root cause of your issues. She will discuss your nutritional requirements based on blood, urine, and/or saliva testing. Discussing your goals with nutrition and overall health can be a vital portion of your care plan.

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Pediatric Chiropractic

Dr. Briana has a passion for caring for the spines of children of all ages. Why would children need chiropractic? Great question! Often the first subluxation (restriction of a joint, abnormal muscle tone or abnormal neurological function) occurs during the birthing process. If anyone has been through this process, it is incredibly stressful for all parties involved; mom, baby, and dad! The baby just passed through the birth canal, which is an incredibly natural process although most of our birthing processes involve intervention now. So with the head being twisted out of the womb, forceps, vacuum extraction or even the handling of a baby during a cesarean section, it may be a good reason to get your child checked by a qualified chiropractor. Subluxations in the spine can contribute to many issues throughout the growth and development of your child such as ear infections, enuresis, torticollis, sinus pressure & allergies, misshapen skull, ADD, ADHD, Autism, constipation, difficulty latching and much more. The adjustment is altered for the patient’s needs. For a newborn, we are using the pressure you would use to see if a tomato is ripe. A newborn does not have the muscle tension or stress in their musculoskeletal system that an adult does. The technique is adapted for any age and condition.

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We offer a wide range of state of the art modalities in our office. Cold Laser therapy helps stimulate healing on a cellular level. It is mostly used in our relief phase of care as it correlates with those goals. Electric muscle stimulation is also used to help relax muscle spams and manage pain. Heat is used to help alleviate muscle tension, spams or help improve blood flow to the area. Ice is used to help decrease inflammation and manage pain.

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