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At Bergen Family Wellness, we believe that everyone needs a little something different and that health is defined differently based upon each individual. How many times have you heard that the issue you are experiencing is due to stress? This is true but lets elaborate on that. There are three main types of stresses; physical, chemical and emotional. With most musculoskeletal issues, it is usually due to physical stress, either being minor traumas over time or a major trauma. For example, a minor stress can be sitting with improper posture and biomechanics for 8 hours per day at your desk. A major physical stress could be a motor vehicle accident or a fall down the stairs. Often times there can be some chemical stresses like inflammation or emotional stress that keeps you from fully healing. These stresses lead to something called a subluxation. This is what chiropractic physicians detect and correct. This belief is what leads Dr. Briana to design a specific care plan for each patient. She not only takes your musculoskeletal aliments into account but also how your lifestyle is affecting your health. She figures out what changes need to occur to achieve an optimal state of health and well being.

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